Friday, November 26, 2010

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3 years, issues unsolved - Review on the performance of current PPP government

Benazir Bhutto’s assassination in 2007 provided Pakistan Peoples Party heavy mandate that brought their government after Musharraf regime. The government that raised the slogan of ‘roti, kapra aur makaan’ failed to solve public issues. Although initiated notable steps and policies on national and international but practically failed to focus over issues related to a common man. The government may have benefited individuals or few institutions but a common man turned worst day by day.

Present Pakistan Peoples Party government has many achievements on its credit but these accomplishments couldn’t improve the economic, law & order and socio-political situation. The party successfully adopted the reconciliation policy with the allies and opposition parties. PPP took along parties like Mutthida Qaumi Movement, Pakistan Muslim League (Functional), Awami National Party, Jamiat Ulmae-Islam and others in various situations but again at many stages (as RGST) the reconciliation policy failed.

PPP opened their success book by resuming Chief Justice to his seat. It was the stage when PML (N) launched the long march with lawyers, here PPP took a wise decision.

The 18th amendment is another milestone in PPP’s tenure. The party described the amendment as the best constitutional thing happened since 1973 constitution and some called it ‘a historic development’. The 18th amendment included 95 amendments in the 1973 constitution; one of the prominent amendments was provincial autonomy.

The 7th National Finance Commission Award (NFC award) is also another feather in PPP’s cap. President Asif Ali Zardari signed the historic NFC award document in March 2010. The award successfully distributed financial resources among the provinces.

Development programs like Benazir Bhutto Income Support Fund and Benazir Youth Development Program emerged as great development ideas to bring positive change in the society. Benazir Bhutto Income Support Fund is one of the biggest poverty reduction programs ever initiated in the country while Benazir Youth Development Program trained more than 80,000 youths in different trades. Later on, both of the programs failed due to huge corruption.

The war of terrorism has put Pakistan into the state of war. The heavily armed militants have become active to destabilize Pakistan in different areas of the country. In PPP’s regime, Pakistan Army launched operations like Operation Raah-e-Rast and Operation Raah-e-Nijaat against the militants and killed/arrested many. As a result, 2.5 million people of the affected areas had to leave their homes. Government effectively managed the IDPs and sent them back to their homes after the operation ended.

The budget 2010-11 presented by PPP government brought good news of increment in the budget of Health, Education and Police.

But on the other hand, the condition of a common man turned worst despite of all the mentioned achievements of the present government.

The continuous price hike killed the common man. Daily raise in prices of Sugar, Milk, Petroleum, Pulses, utilities and other goods caused great pain to the public of Pakistan. In this government’s 3 years, the prices of many goods raised up to more than 100-200%.

The economic crisis is the worst face of Pakistan Peoples Party’s government. The government took excessive loans from global organizations which caused great damage to Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan right now is heavily in debt of World Bank and International Monetary Fund who are imposing their policies on Pakistan. The price hike and the rising taxes are result of IMF and World Bank’s policies.

Corruption is PPP’s gift to Pakistani public. According to Transparency International’s report, Pakistan has climbed from number 43 to number 34 in terms of corruption, Health, Education, Police, Ministries and even matters like Hajj became corrupted. Corruption of billions has been exposed in Benazir Income Support Program, Rental power plants project, Earthquake and Flood relief programs, land distribution etc.

Energy crisis has defamed the present government more than anything. In present government’s tenure, electricity load-shedding increased to a painful extent. Rural areas are facing load-shedding of 10-20 hours a day. On the other hand, the metropolitan and the financial hub of Pakistan has to suffer hours of load shedding everyday that is apparently causing severe damage to the economy.

Both the achievements and weaknesses of PPP government have been mentioned above. One reaches to the conclusion that PPP has failed to solve public issues and to provide relief to Pakistanis. The government has done nothing more than renaming Airports, roads and towns on the name of Benazir Bhutto, the REAL issues remain unsolved, public suffers.