Thursday, April 30, 2009

Abhishek Bachchan playing Amitabh's father?

London, April 28: Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan is said to be playing his megastar father Amitabh’s father in the upcoming movie 'Pa', reports Those working on the production are not permitted to speak about the film as per contractual rules. However, a source from the production house has revealed that "Amitabh plays an alienated and slightly retarded son of Abhishek" in the film.

Helmed by adman-turned-director R. Balakrishnan, popularly known as Balki, the film has its sets shrouded in secrecy and especially Big B's look in the film.

The 66-year-old spends around five hours a day in make-up prosthetics specially created by make-up men flown in from London and the whole project is being kept under wraps at present, with no-one from outside the unit being allowed on set.


Monday, April 27, 2009


by islamabadobserver
Emirate of Ameerul Momeneen
Sufi Muhammad, Khalifah-i-Awal, Sawat



Emirate was founded and funded in September 2004 by various international intelligence agencies in Sawat and is recently recognized by National Assembly of Pakistan. Our group takes pride in our tradition of successfully delivering numerous projects of Suicide Bombing, School Demolitions, Public Flogging, Closure of Barber and Video Shops, Truck Bomb Attacks, Military Encounters and Gorilla Warfare.
We have a deep understanding of Terrorism industry dynamics, coupled with solid experience in applying emerging technologies like FM Radio, Wireless Communication and IED’s . Anchored on the premise of delivering practical, yet economical Terrorism solutions, our dedicated team of experienced Terrorists ensures that foreign interest are protected at all costs.
Our dynamic team consists of experienced professionals with extensive experience across multiple terrorism techniques. We are committed to helping our foreign clients solve strategic challenges and create opportunities to drive desired goals through Terrorism technology. We are proud to be strategic partners of USA, India, Saudi Arabia and several international intelligence agencies, and will continue to seek value added partnerships in our endeavor to sharpen our Terrorism focus.
As a responsible Terrorist organisation, Emirates is running various community developments and training project for under privileged children in fields of guerilla war, self exploding, use of weapons, taking over public building, speedy justice through public flogging and indiscriminate shooting. A large number of our trainees are successfully running their enterprises of kidnapping for ransom, bank robberies, and cash van lootings, roadside dacoits, vehicle theft, drug and arms smuggling and bomb blasts for foreign clients.
With our expansion plans in progress, we are seeking talented, creative, result-oriented, self-managed and proactive candidates to fill the following challenging and career-building position:
Qazi cum Flogging Experts


It is a full time multiple role responsibility, the successful candidates shall act as a Qazi/Justice during normal court hours and in after hours carry on flogging, beheadings and guerilla warfare duties as assigned by Ameerul Momeneen. They will report & assist Head Qazi to achieving the vision, mission, objectives & target set for punishments of poor helpless citizens by TNSM Shoora to create an environment of terror and fear. The successful candidates will order hanging of bodies with polls for any period as to their discretion, blowing up shrines, digging graves and punishing dead and alive without mercy. Sharia shall remain a major cover but any order of Shoora shall be treated as a law even if it is against teachings of Islam and Sharia,.


Candidate must have a certificate of training from Taliban recognized Madrassah or group backed by CIA/RAW. No formal education or knowledge of law is required;
The candidate must have at least 10 years practical experience of terrorist activities in Afghanista, Pakistan or successfully undergone RAW’s training program;
Candidates with Experience in public flogging, beheading or punishing women in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan will be given preference;
Candidates should be expert in use of light and heavy weapons, developing suicide jackets, IED, Truck bomb and conducting road blocks;
All candidate should demonstrate their willingness to abide by Taliban dress code and rituals;
Ability to implement laws of Emirates without application of mind and in disregard of Islamic teachings. The focus should be on maximum and harsh punishments to terrorize people, religion or humanity are not important

Selection Process;

Candidates should walk in for interview with their application written by hand on dry leaves or hides in head office of Emirate, applications written on paper shall not be considered;
Do not attach photo’s, applications with a photographs shall not be considered;
At time of interview candidate must cover face with black cloth or use medical mask dyed in black color;
Practical test includes demonstration of skills of live shooting, beheading and flogging, Emirates will provide living women and children for tests;
Weapons test includes an excellent speed of killing and accuracy of hitting girls schools with RPG’s. Half hour test will be carried live any city of Pakistan;
All candidates should demonstrate ability of assembling suicide jackets, IED and exploding bridges, cars and public buildings.

We Offer:

Free stay in a any house candidate wishes to occupy after killing or ejecting the residents;
A luxury stolen 4×4 with facility of free fuel from any gas station, successful candidates can also take away cash on gun point from gas stations;
This job is purely commission based, the successful candidates will get 20% commission from robberies or kidnapping for ransom assigned to them after ‘court’ hours;
All successful candidates will be allowed to choose any women in area for marriage, in case; women is already married, her husband should first be killed or forced to divorce her as required by Emirates law;
All successful candidates will be allowed to smuggle arms and drugs under protection of Emirate and will share 50% of revenue;
All successful candidates will be allowed to run part time business of stolen cars or smuggled electronics.
Best performing candidates will be assigned ‘overseas projects’ opportunities by Ameerul Momeneen as empire expands;
Top 100 performers of the year will be blessed with a ‘one way ticket to havens’ through suicide missions.
A comprehensive social security plan includes recruitment of suicide bomber’s or dead employee’s children in force and complementary marriage with his widow by a fellow terrorist.
All assignments for successful candidates are legal and covered under Nizam Adal Act passed by National Assembly of Pakistan and duly signed by President.

For further information contact;

Mullah Rockety;
Secretary Recruitments;
Emirate of Ameerul Momeneen Maulana Sufi Muhammad;
Khalifah-i-Awal Sawat.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sri Lankan team's rescuer honored in Sri Lanka.

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka -- Sri Lanka's cricket community on Monday honored a Pakistani bus driver as a hero for risking his life to get Sri Lankan cricketers to safety as bullets pierced their vehicle in last month's deadly terror attack in eastern Pakistan. "By God's help I did not feel scared at all and never thought of jumping out of the bus to save myself," Mohammad Khalil said through an interpreter at an elaborate ceremony at Sri Lanka Cricket headquarters.

My resolution on 'Global Earth Day'

1. I will not throw garbage on street.

2. I will minimize my consumption of paper.

3. I will condemn wall chalking.

4. I will save electricity.

5. I will aware people about the horrors of 'Global warming'.

6. I will save water.

7. I will aware people about the alternate energy.

8. I will plant 'AT LEAST' one.

9. I will own and look after my street 'at least'.

10. I will condemn people spitting at public places.

11. I will play my own role in cleaning Pakistan.

12. I will initiate an environmental-friendly movement.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love in the time of recession

As this year's wedding season approaches, you may be finding fewer invitations filling up your mailbox. But don't worry; it's probably not because you've been a bad friend.
The $60 billion-a-year wedding industry is hurting as much as the rest of the economy, according to a recent Bloomberg article. And with couples spending an average of 24% less on tying the knot than in '07, they are scaling back on everything from the number of guests to meal selections to flowers. A recent survey done by David's Bridal entitled "What’s on Brides' Minds" reports that 75% of weddings are being downsized in order to save money.
Sandra Chavez, who is getting married in September in Pleasanton, Calif. told Fox News:
"I would be embarrassed to spend thousands and thousands of dollars when people are losing their jobs, homes, cars, etc. We understand that this is just one night."
But what happens after that night? The recession is making its mark on marriages, too—in somewhat surprising ways.

It's not too shocking that a slumping economy puts a strain on most marriages; it's common knowledge that financial stress is one of the top causes of divorce. But according to a recent article in Yahoo! Finance, 37% of matrimonial lawyers report seeing a decrease in divorcing couples during economic downturns. The reason, the article posits, is because getting a divorce is the "worst thing you can do financially."
"Attorney fees and court costs compete with setting up a second household as the largest expense in a divorce. A simple divorce can cost $5,000 to $25,000 in attorney fees and court costs while the average complex divorce runs $20,000 to $100,000, says Bruce Hughes, an attorney and certified public accountant in Tustin, Calif."
So maybe the frugal thing to do these days is just stay single? Not so fast.The Economist and CNN are both reporting that matchmakers and online dating websites like and are prospering during the recession. Patti Novak, owner of Buffalo Niagara Introductions, a matchmaking company in Buffalo, New York, and star of A&E's former reality series "Confessions of a Matchmaker" said her business has seen a 30% increase in clients in the last eight months. Novak tells CNN:
"I think that as people go through more difficult times, being alone becomes more difficult…[Even] if they can only afford popcorn and a six-pack on a Saturday night, they'd rather do it with somebody than alone."

Similarly, Greg Waldorf, CEO of eHarmony, reports a 20% increase in monthly registrations from September 2008 to January 2009, compared with the same time period the prior year. He also points out that the number of visits to its site was higher than average on days when the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by more than 100 points. Waldorf told The Economist, simply:
"Going through difficult times with someone special is better than doing it alone."
But searching for love during a recession isn't just limited to finding that perfect soul mate. A recent New York Times article reports that sales of romance novels are up as well.Harlequin Enterprises, the world's leading publisher of romance fiction, reported that fourth-quarter earnings were up 32% over the same period the year before. And while sales of adult fiction were basically flat last year, according to Nielsen Bookscan, the romance category was up 7% after holding fairly steady for the previous four years. The New York Times reports:
"Like the Depression-era readers who fueled blockbuster sales of Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone With the Wind,” today’s readers are looking for an escape from the grim realities of layoffs, foreclosures and shrinking 401(k) balances."

So whether you're slashing your wedding budget, struggling through a financial crisis with your spouse, or searching for someone or something to help you through these dark times, it's clear the recession is affecting love all around.
Isn't it romantic?

Mass. lake with 45-letter name has spelling errors

WEBSTER, Mass. – Officials have agreed to correct spelling errors in road signs pointing to a central Massachusetts lake with a 45-letter name. Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg in Webster has one of the world's longest place names. It's been spelled many different ways over the years. Some locals have given up and simply call it Lake Webster.
But after researching historical spelling combinations, the Telegram & Gazette of Worcester said local Chamber of Commerce officials agreed that some signs were wrong. There was an "o" at letter 20 where a "u" should have been, and an "h" at letter 38 where an "n" should go.
There are many stories and legends about the origin of the Indian name. One popular myth — later debunked — holds that the name translates roughly to 'You fish on your side, I fish on my side, and nobody fish in the middle.'

Indian politicians demand protection from flying shoes

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India's politicians contesting in the general election, fearful of shoes hurled at them by disgruntled voters, have asked for more security and are erecting metal nets at rallies.
Lal Krishna Advani, the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) prime ministerial candidate was the latest politician to be at the receiving end on Thursday, as an angry party worker threw a slipper at him during an election meeting in a central state.
The slipper missed Advani, but was enough for authorities to step up security for all leaders across the country.
The incident was the latest episode of shoe-throwing as a mark of protest against political leaders, including former U.S. President George W. Bush and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.
Throwing a shoe at someone is considered an insult in India.
Indian politicians have asked party workers to remove shoes at meetings and alerted police and their security staff to keep a tab on people, including journalists in news conferences.
"The security is extremely tight for politicians, and we are keeping a close watch on everyone," a Delhi Police spokesman said.
Last week, a Sikh journalist hurled a shoe at India's home minister during a news conference after getting angry with the minister's reply to a question about 1984 riots in which hundreds of Sikhs were killed.
Three days later, a retired school teacher threw a shoe at popular Congress lawmaker Naveen Jindal, during an election rally in Haryana state.
Authorities in Gujarat state built an iron safety net to keep flying shoes away, as Narendra Modi, the chief minister of the BJP-ruled state began his speech at a rally this week.
"These are acts of insanity, there is no scope for such acts in India's political system," Rajiv Pratap Rudy, the BJP's candidate in Bihar state where election was held on Thursday said.
India's politicians have not taken the shoe attacks personally and not initiated legal action so far.
"Flying footwear are now the weapons of mass distraction," was the headline in one such report carried by the Mail Today newspaper on Friday.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Indian schoolgirl 'left in sun to die'

NEW DELHI, April 17, 2009 (AFP) - An 11-year-old Indian schoolgirl died after a teacher allegedly made her stand in the baking sun as punishment for not doing her homework, reports said Friday.

Shanno Khan started bleeding from the nose and fainted after hours in the searing New Delhi heat on Wednesday, and slipped into a coma after being taken to hospital. She died on Friday, the NDTV news channel reported.

Reports said the teacher and the school principal have been suspended, with police waiting for the autopsy on the girl's body before filing a possible criminal case.
India's Minister for Women and Child Development Renuka Chowdhury said the incident was a "terrible tragedy".

Corporal punishment is banned in India, but children are often physically abused by school authorities and teachers.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hindu extremists attack Pakistani journalists.

NEW DELHI (Agencies) - Activists of Shri Ram Sene, a Hindu extremist group, attacked visiting Pakistani journalists during a seminar at India International Centre (IIC) here on Wednesday.Organised by Foundation for Media Professionals, two groups of journalists from Pakistan and Indian formed a panel for discussion on “Is Media Jingoism Fanning India-Pakistan Problem?”. Pakistani journalists, who were also attending the seminar, included Rahimullah Yusufzai, Saeed Minhas, Muniba Kamal and Beena Sarwar. The Indian speakers included noted author Arundhati Roy; columnist Swapan Dasgupta; Nirupama Subramanian, The Hindu correspondent in Islamabad; and Amit Baruah, the Hindustan Times foreign editor. A large number of journalists and academicians participated in the discussion.As Rahimullah Yusufzai was speaking on the subject, a group of Shri Ram Sene activists stood up and started raising slogans against Pakistan. The slogans included “Jang Karen Ge Pakistan Se”. The Shri Ram Sene extremists, who were seated as audience members at the venue at the IIC, thronged IIC and thrashed Pakistani journalists and chanted anti-Pakistan slogans. They also tried to rush towards Yusufzai but the organisers and participants pushed them out and locked the door.

All Pakistani public, journalists and youth condemn this extremist act.