Monday, August 2, 2010

Dedicated to Air Blue crashed flight passengers

The plane i'm on is going slow
I look and stare down below

Something is wrong people are crying
I wondered if anyone was dying

I never saw anyone steering the plane
I wonder if the captain has gone insane

The plane is moving downward from the sky
I prayed to God and begged Him not to let me die

Everyones out of their seats yelling and screaming
I wonder if anyone here is a demon

I looked out the window,
we're close to being dead

I wish this was a dream and I could wakeup in my bed
But it wasn't a dream it was real life
I wish I had my really sharp knife

Then I could put this all to an end,
and I wouldn't have to take the time to mend

Soon enough we crash on hill
After that I couldn't hear a single sound

Everyone was dead, and so was I
I never wanted it to end like this, "I never wanted to die"